Table Kits

Table Kits

Pre-designed, Packaged Automation Kits - Ready To Go

istrut developed Table Backs Kits that enhance ergonomic required processes that empowers the craftsperson to work safe with no wasted moves. The Table Kits are made from robust istrut framing components. The istrut components are designed into re-configurable Table Kits that lineally attachable from table to table with options that meets most requirement. The istrut table are the foundation for Through Production, no wasted moves, parts always handy.

Features & Benefits

  • Built from robust modular istrut Barrel Tube, and flat top beam aluminum extrusions, and steel clamping systems
  • Modular connection from table Back kit to table Back kit- 180-degree, 90-degree, and “90-degree “T’s”
  • Through Production, no waste moves, parts always handy
  • Multiple Continuance table top conveyances systems, in a run of a series of table kits
  • Multiple Continuance overhead conveyances systems, in a run of a series of table kits
  • The systems to include reloadable staging racks with multiple conveyance methods


  • Table Tops
  • Conveyor tops
  • Rolling table
  • Motorized height adjustment
  • Overhead tool hanging
  • Overhead lighting
  • Energy kits
  • Motorized traveling Platforms
  • Table Backs
  • Staging Racks
  • Overhead Crane


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