Some Interesting Facts About Using Aluminum Extrusion

Jan 02 2019

Aluminum extrusion simply refers to the variety of processes involved in the manipulation of the alloy into objects with fixed cross-sectional characteristics. Aluminum extrusion is the process of extruding or molding various shapes by forcing the aluminum alloy to billet through a die that is designed in whatever format or configuration required for a particular building component. A lubricant is added to ensure that the alloy does not get stuck to the extrusion machine. During the process, nitrogen will be used to avoid the formation of oxides. This in effect adds to the life of the die, because it creates an inert zone. Eventually, the part that is extruded takes the shape of the die (although they are somewhat elongated) when passed unto a run-out table. Then it is cooled by fans. When cooling is done, the extruded part is taken for further hardening and a little straightening. Then the measurements (cutting down to the required piece size). Then the finishing touch involves a little heating to hasten the aging process. 

It is beyond a doubt, a versatile building material. Particularly because of the array of design options available to choose from.

Aluminum can be extruded into a wide array of design and shape including the very complex, multi hollowed and customized choices of design. Extrusions permit sophisticated design Characteristics to be easily installed as integral building components.

Aluminum Extrusion Possesses Varying Options for Finishing

In the general use of the metal, there is usually no need for any type of extra protective coating. Why is this? This is simply because it is adequately protected by the thin, glassy transparent oxide which protects its surface when exposed to air. So you could say that it naturally has its protective coating.

Aluminum extrusions are especially agreeable to high-performance architectural coating. This guarantees a reduced cost of maintenance and increased service course.

It accepts a large variety of decorative finishes. Finishing method starting from anodizing, painting, powder coating providing the desired appearance with varying applications of color.

Many manufacturers have come up with a coating, making use of pigment and binders. These are obviously on track to achieving the longest yet under varying environmental conditions.

Ease of Assembly and Fabricating: Making use of aluminum extrusion in framing means no longer worry of the rigors concerning fabrication and assembly steps. Because of the possibility to of making aluminum into any cross-sectional shape. Parts can easily be cut, machined, assembled and fabricated.


Ease of Joining Parts: Aluminium extrusion could be joined to other aluminum products or other materials of varying properties. This could be done through the employment of a variety of methods. These methods include welding, brazing, soldering, adhesive interlocking, slide on.

By making use of aluminum extrusion ability, we could further simplify and reduce the cost of producing complex integral profiles. These designs can achieve a great reduction in the part count (number of individual parts).